Our preschool activities

Holidays & December Themes

This month we will introduce the theme “Lights and Shadows”.

Light, shadows have an aura of mystery that intrigues children whose minds are full of curiosity about the world around them. Hence, this monthly topic invites ur to turn light and shadow science in our students’ experiences. Light, shadows and reflections are all around us; directly in front of us, under our feet, over our heads.

By exploring this topic we want to make our students look at, and see what is right before their eyes. The desired outcome is to make our little learners look with their minds and imaginations and give meaning to their surroundings.

We will also be learning about Peru and Alexander Calder for our country of the month and artist of the month.

11th Annual December Festival

Thank you parents!!! We are a great family and being together sharing good moments is priceless!

Thanksgiving Celebration!

A Wonderful Welcome from Parents & Thanksgiving Celebration!

Parents volunteered in this amazing activity to welcome children into their classrooms!

The theme was "Fall". This time, children were proud to see parents work so hard and show their creativity through wonderful decorations in order to welcome this special season.

Thank you again, parents!

Fall Festival

Fun at our Fall Festival. We really love it!

Dear Parents: Thank you for your participation in celebrating the end of the summer, the entrance of the fall, the imagination of our children, family involvement, human traditions, staff passion and commitment, designers creative costumes, diversity, multiculturalism and so much more


I am a Scientist



The October's theme was:  “I am a Scientist”; we connect it with our Wacky Fridays and each week we came all dressed up in a different way. 

We nurture the children’s curiosity and helped develop their own understanding of the natural world. They became more persistent problem solvers, and they learned to reason with evidence.

We can see how our little scientists studied the weather, flowers, animals ...Scientists can be like us! Congratulations on your hard work PK5 class!

Also during this month, the Parental Involvement was in Action. Thank you so much parents for working in Science projects with your children! We appreciate your effort so much! We wish everybody could be in the picture, but we still wanted to say THANK YOU!